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SSP 2015 Workshop and Keynote Presentations

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Keynote Speaker - Cameron Wake
2015 Keynote Presentation: Climate Change in New England - From Science to Solutions (PDF version of the powerpoint presentation)

Keynote Presentation Video:

Session 1

Workshop Descriptions - Session 1

1-B  Conserving Farmland, Securing Access and Supporting Farmers
Conserving Farmland (Rippon-Butler)

1-C  NH's Conservation and Public Lands Network: What's Missing?
Status of NH's Conservation Lands (Zankel)
Discussion (Zankel)

1-D  All About Land Surveys for Conservation Projects
Land Surveys Presentation  (McBride)
Survey Elements Checklist (McBride)

1-I Savvy Risk Management for Land TrustsSavvy Risk Management for Land Trusts (Doscher and Ratley-Beach)

Session 2

Workshop Descriptions - Session 2

2-A  How to Approach Landowners (Tom Howe)
Approaching Landowners
Agenda for first meeting
Introduction to potential neighbor
Generic contact letter

2-F  Discretionary Approvals, Amendments and Private Benefit (Masland)
Presentation Outline

2-G  Wetlands Buffers: To Cut or Not to Cut?
Wetland Buffers I (Auger)
Wetland Buffers II (Van de Poll)

2-I  Open Space and People with Disabilities
Open Space and Disabilities (Lyons and Lyons)

Session 3

Workshop Descriptions - Session 3

3-B  Making Farmland More Affordable
Affordable Farmland (Ramsay)

3-E  Better Together: Land Trusts and Conservation Commissions
NHACC Overview (Coates)
Deerfield Town Forests (Coates)

3-I Doing God's Work: Conservation and Faith Communities
Doing God's Work (Blackmer and Speltz)