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2020 Keynote Speaker

2020 Keynote Speaker

Gale Straub

Told One Story at a Time:
Our Relationship to the Outdoors and the Impact of Land Conservation

Gale Straub's keynote speech centers around the personal connections we have to land and the choices we make to both immerse ourselves in these landscapes and also to conserve them. Drawing from her own experience growing up in New Hampshire and traveling around the United States, Gale's multi-media presentation starts off by elevating voices, photography, and artwork from a diverse set of individuals and advocates around the country, but brings it all back to New Hampshire, sharing people with unique connections to land trusts within the state. The takeaway? The work of New Hampshire’s land trust community is impactful, life-giving, and hopeful.

Gale Straub is a podcaster, freelance writer, and photographer. In 140+ episodes of She Explores, an award-winning podcast that she produces and hosts, she's dug into complex topics in the outdoors, often through the lens of individual experiences. She Explores serves as a bridge for listeners, exposing them to both a broader range of ways to experience the outdoors, as well as a diversity of backgrounds and world views. Gale calls Dover, New Hampshire home and enjoys hiking, backpacking, and making ice cream from scratch.