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Session 1 Workshops

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Session 1 Workshops

1 - A   Conservation Easements and Tax Benefits

This workshop will provide the basic framework for a number of land conservation tools and techniques including conservation easements, deed restrictions, gifting, and bargain sales. Also included will be an introduction to the income tax deductions associated with gifting for conservation purposes and some of the ins and outs of the various grant sources.

Phil Auger | Southeast Land Trust of NH

1 - B   Developing a Shared Vision of Conservation Priorities

The Moose Mountains Regional Greenways land trust is currently engaged in developing a strategic conservation action plan for the seven communities comprising its service area.  This effort has utilized a dual track of robust community engagement and outreach twinned with state-of-the-art GIS analysis of natural and cultural resources and a unique stakeholder consensus-building process to identify conservation priorities through co-occurrence mapping and delineation of conservation focus areas.  This action plan is an ideal blend and balance of community planning and conservation action.

Dan Sundquist | Greenfire
Steve WhitmanResilience Planning and Design
Patti Connaughton-Burns | Moose Mountain Regional Greenways

1 - C  Agritourism:  Evolving Issues

What is Agritourism, and is it allowed on this property? Join attorneys Reagan Bissonnette and Amy Manzelli for their updated and informative discussion. Amy and Reagan will discuss the Christmas tree farm case that sparked controversy: Forster v. Town of Henniker, followed by the 2016 legislation that changed the state definition of agriculture. This workshop will also feature a comprehensive review of state laws supporting agriculture and a detailed discussion of how land trusts are handling agritourism.

Amy Manzelli | BCM Environmental & Land Law 
Reagan Bissonnette | Society for the Protection of NH Forests

1 - D  Understanding and Using Resilience Data in Land Protection

What is “flow” and how is it related to landscapes that are “connected” and “resilient”? We will present the new 2016 update of TNC climate resilience datasets and its implications for regional conservation in NH. We will discuss selection of climate resilient sites and application of this data for conservation planning and parcel evaluation. A detailed case study will illustrate how a regional land trust is using the data in its strategic conservation plan

Anne McBride | Monadnock Conservancy
Abigail Weinberg | Open Space Institute
David Patrick | The Nature Conservancy

1 - E  Start Your Own Salamander Crossing Brigade

Every year, on the first warm, rainy nights of spring, thousands of amphibians migrate to vernal pools to breed. Many are killed when their journeys take them across roads. Enter the Salamander Crossing Brigades, in which trained volunteers move amphibians across roads by hand, keeping count as they go. This workshop will teach you how to start your own Salamander Crossing Brigade from finding sites and communicating with volunteers to staying safe on the roads.

Brett Amy Thelen | The Harris Center

1 - F  Transitioning to a Spiritually Ecological Civilization

We have the foundation within our American culture to create an ecological civilization with a spiritual base. America gave the world the Transcendentalist Movement, contributing mightily to ecological thought over the planet, and, as well, the land ethic of Aldo Leopold. Upon that base we have produced the greatest bevy of ecological scientists ever assembled anywhere, covering all aspects of ecology and ecosystems science. And the world has now given us the ecological wisdom of Pope Francis and his idea of integral ecology. It is now up to us to use these tools which are at our disposal.

Roger Burkhart | Rochester Conservation Commission |
John Carroll | University of New Hampshire

1 - G  Forest Society's Updated Model CE:  What's New & Why

Tom Howe, an experienced practitioner and student of CE's at the Forest Society, will give a guided tour of the Forest Society's recently, comprehensively revised model Conservation Easement Deed.  He'll review what's different, and why, and will make the document available in hardcopy and digital versions to all attendees.  For example, you'll learn about significant changes in how the Forest Society deals with agriculture, and now accommodates commercial uses other than agriculture and forestry.

Tom Howe | Society for the Protection of NH Forests

1 - H  Improving Your Trails with Volunteers

Stewardship related to trail work is a major task of conservation landowners. Trails need to be planned, built, maintained, re-routed, cleaned-up, and more. Volunteers can be a great resource for this work, but what's the best way to involve them? At this workshop, you'll learn best practices for recruiting, training, and working with volunteers. You'll also hear tips on the best types of trail projects for volunteers, and receive a copy of a new resource: "Trail Maintenance for Volunteers," part of the Stewardship Network Training Guide Series.

Malin Clyde | UNH Cooperative Extension
Emily Lord | UNH Cooperative Extension

1 - I  Deliver Your Message Through Story

Communicate to your audience through story.  Make people root for you.  Using excercises and techniques of first-person-experience storytelling, participants will edit and shape information to present it as short stories (5 min. or less).  We'll practice story arcs: beginnings, middles, and ends, explore how to say things with feeling, get comfortable with risk, find what resonates in the message we want to communicate, and how to deliver it as a story that the listener will care about and remember.

Pat Spalding | Storyteller, Listener, Coach

1 - J  Hot Topics in Land Conservation

There is a lot going on in the land conservation world, both here in New Hampshire and nationally. Stay up to date in this interactive facilitated roundtable. We will address current issues and emerging concerns, including the IRS position on amendments, IRS Notice 2017-10 regarding syndicated easement transactions, the land trust community response, recent cases affecting tax and conservation issues, easement drafting and stewardship issues, the 2017 revisions to Land Trust Standards and Practices and more.

Tom Masland | Ransmeier & Spellman, P.C.
Sylvia Bates | Land Trust Alliance
Ryan Owens | Monadnock Conservancy